A Great Escape!!

This week our pet crayfish (known as a lobster in the aquarium trade, and by many of our students) escaped from its fish tank, made the leap down off the cabinet it sits on, and ended up in the quiet room (where our other pet, Chloe the rat also lives) hiding in the puppets. One of our students wrote about the experience from the crayfish’s perspective:


My life threatening adventure

Today I, Bowler Dwayne Rick Hotel (AKA Lobby the Lobster) almost died. (If you wish to hear more of this outrageous story read on) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–On Oct 27 2015 (or the 6th in back to the future days) I escaped from my confinement cell. I was confined to it by not listening to my parents and getting caught by a cage!!! I remember being a little tiny iddybiddy lobsty. I’m technically a cray fish but screw the system I live the thug life.
Enough with the back story I broke out of my cage through the filter and jumped out onto the floor. When I was on my big escape I found a big monster. They called this monster Chloe. It was in a cage like I was I felt bad for it so I was going to let it free. But then I thought, “nah it’s in that cage for a reason and plus I live the thug life, after all I did escape from prison”. I decided I was going to camp here for a while until it was safe.
When it was safe I decided to find a place to live. I found a big bin and a cozy shell with nothing in it. I was not a crab but I thought if a crab could do it I could too, but just then I realized I need to have H2O to live.
Right then I heard a monster called Hannah walk in. After that more monsters came in. I thought to myself “I need to get back to my home with my parents”. I couldn’t figure out where I was. I was cold compared to when I was a little lobsty. Then I heard my name and then people scattered, I think they figured out that I left my cell. I heard them shouting out, calling me, thinking I’m a fool and I was going back to my cell. Eventually they stopped so I waited, waited for them to leave and to get out of my shell to find water. Then I felt my shell rising and then something tried entering my shell. It was a monster. All of a sudden I heard the words “I found him, he was in the puppet bin”. That was it.
I was done. I went back to my cage, but before I finish I’d like to say that I mind controlled one of the students, aka the feeder of the fish to write about my story and post it. Now here it is with other monsters reading it on this thing called interwebs so thank you all for listening to my story.