A New Friend for a New School Year

It is a new school year here at Paths 2 Learning Academy and we are excited to see some new faces along with some returning ones. We are continuing to offer a range of educational services, tailored to the needs of children and their families -such as tutoring, co-schooling, home schooling assistance and even full academic curriculum. We had a myriad of donations over the summer and I am so grateful to all the people who put us on their list, the schoolhouse has never looked better! We have a new math program and will be implementing a new program to facilitate keyboarding for our students who struggle with traditional paper and pencil ways to show what they know.

I also have something else to be excited about this fall…

Rat selfie

Rat selfie


Chloe! She is our newest member here at  Paths 2 Learning, and is making it really difficult to type this blog post as she keeps trying to wrestle with my fingers. Chloe is a rat. She was chosen as a class pet because among all the little animals I have met, rats are some of the smartest, most entertaining, and most intelligent. I am so excited for all our new and returning students to meet her! Having a class pet will teach responsibility, empathy, and respect for living things to our students here. Plus they are pretty cute and fun to play with!

Happy new (school) year!