Audio Book Review

These past few weeks we have started working on expressing opinions about written texts. It is still a skill that is in the beginning stages as my students put into words what is important and interesting in a text -for them. I love talking about book reviews because I think it really helps to develop strong text selection and critical thinking around the books we read. Writing reviews of books, even in the early stages, encourages thinking about the text after reading. It is so easy to put down a book and forget about it, but it becomes a bigger learning experience when we talk about the story outside the confines of the book. As an avid reader and a one-time English major I love nothing more than to really get connected to a good book -and this is an experience that I love to share with my students.

With my learners, writing is sometimes a barrier to expressing our ideas. I am always looking for ways to express ourselves that don’t depend on writing. This is where technology is such a useful tool -using the iPad we easily record and store our book reviews. This way we can share our opinions about the books we read without the added barrier of writing.

IMG_2170Listening to a completed review.