Community Lunch

Each week on Wednesdays at P2L we take advantage of the lovely kitchen in the schoolhouse to cook a community lunch, together with and for our schoolers, co-schoolers, staff, and anyone else who happens to be visiting. Even Chloe the rat gets included sometimes, with a couple of delicious scraps!

For many of our kids, eating new things is a challenge. They may have a very limited profile of tastes that they enjoy, or perhaps do not like when tastes are mixed together. Community lunch gives us all a chance to be allowed to try something new without worrying about going hungry (parents are asked to pack lunches anyways, just in case their kiddos don’t like what we have made that week) and without all of the emotional battles that sometimes happen around mealtime in the home. Our community lunch also has peers trying out the same things you are trying, which can be a big motivator in convincing a less than eager eater that they might want to try a bite.

Cooking is one of my favourite creative outlets, so it gives me a time to share that part of myself with the kids. Plus, cooking together has a whole host of other benefits: real-world mathematics, reading, health and nutrition lessons, social skills for getting along in the kitchen, focus and attention to task, table manners, and practice with conversation.

Every week I come out of our community lunch feeling so proud of the kids for trying something challenging. It is definitely a highlight of our week, and something really special in our P2L program.

community lunch pic

Enjoying our community lunch!