Learning at Different Levels

It can be really challenging to deal with the vastly different levels in the classroom. Sometimes I set up an activity for two of my learners who work together, and one will think it is “baby stuff” or the other is getting nothing from it as it goes right over her head. However, recently we had a lesson where it worked -it really worked!

We were looking at the ocean, and I challenged the kids to use information provided to find an animal in each of three levels of the ocean: the sunlit zone, the twilight zone, and the midnight zone. The two of them both had different information; one had several websites open and ready to go, and the other had a Pictello book I had made about the layers of the ocean. Each student came back with a picture (either drawn or found on Google -depending on the student) and the name of an animal that lives at the different layers. Both were engaged, with no off-task behaviours. Both felt like they had done something at their level, and gotten to share it with a friend.

2014-04-29 working on layers of the ocean