Equine and Minecraft Camps

This week we spent our mornings at the barn and our afternoons glued to our tablets 🙂

In the mornings we headed out to Hammonds Plains to the barn to meet Jake, Tonka, Jack, and Gordie -our equine friends, and Fuzz the donkey of course! We groomed, painted, decorated, and brushed the horses and got to spend some time riding them too. Lots of water fun was had too with some squirt guns and the various hoses around the barn.


In the afternoons we were back to the centre to get our teamwork on and play some Minecraft! Houses were built on trees, in mushrooms, underground, and even in the air. There was a lot of giggling, and lots of new friends.

20140721_095750 painted jake snip

Music Camp

Victor Beaumont led our music camp and brought his skills and love of music to our little camp family. We had an amazing week banging, shaking, and singing along to his guitar. Not only did we make music, but we made some pretty neat musical instruments too! We developed an appreciation for the sounds of Myles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and the Spice Girls. On Thursday we showed our musical talent to our families and friends with a little impromptu concert 🙂IMG_9045 IMG_9028 20140717_133207

Art Camp

Our first week of camp started with art! Time for some beautiful, messy, sensory activities.

We started each day with an artist for inspiration, and followed with art activities that targeted the skills and abilities of our fabulous campers. We explored mark making through traditional media such as paint and graphite, and also through unconventional materials like shaving cream and chalk. This allowed for some interesting textures and artistic experiences.

IMG_1988 20140711_131617